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Join the Math Rebellion: Creative Problem-Solving Tips for Adventurous Students

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Take your stand against boring, routine homework.

Fight for truth, justice, and the unexpected answer.

Join the Math Rebellion will show you how to turn any math worksheet into a celebration of intellectual freedom and creative problem-solving.

Across all grade levels, math students need to develop problem-solving skills. The Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs) attempted to summarize these skills in a way that offered a new vision of mathematical thinking.

Great in theory, but horribly dull and stilted. Like math standards in general, the SMPs sound as if they were written by committee. (Probably because they were!)

I’ve seen several attempts to rewrite the standards into friendly language for elementary children. But most of those seem almost babyish to older students.

So this booklet frames the SMPs as tips to guide math rebels in the struggle against academic tyranny.

Help your students practice thinking for themselves as they follow the Two Rules of the Math Rebellion: “A pupil is allowed to write anything that is true, and not allowed to write anything untrue! These are the only rules of mathematics.”

This 42-page printable activity guide features a series of Math Tips Posters (in color or ink-saving black-and-white) that transform the Standards for Mathematical Practice to resonate with upper-elementary and older students.

Available with 8 1/2 x 11 (letter size) or A4 pages.

For ages 10 and up.

NOTE: If you would like a set of journaling pages that incorporate these SMP posters along with several other problem-solving tips, check out the Math Rebel student journal.
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  • PDF (17MB)

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