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Word Problems Student Workbook: Word Problems from Literature

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You know how to solve math problems. Like a detective, you sift each clue until you solve the mystery. But what can you do when you come across a real stumper?

The Word Problems Student Workbook offers problem-solving tools you can use to conquer the worst math monsters. Try your detective skills on story problems inspired by several classic books and movies, from Mr. Popper’s Penguins to The Lord of the Rings. Then make up new puzzles of your own, using your favorite story worlds.

Don’t let the math scare you. Never give up. If you stick with it, you will be good at math!

Grab your copy of the Word Problems Student Workbook today and prepare your way for mathematical success.

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For answers and worked-out solutions, see the companion book Word Problems from Literature: Help Students Master Problem Solving in Elementary to Middle School Math.
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